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Vikings Free Agency 2011: Day Four Recap, Day Five Open Thread

Hi gang.  It's going to be an abbreviated post today, as daughter the youngest is going to make her first skydiving jump today, and this proud Dad is going to go watch.  So, real quick:

McNabb's in Minnesota, and Chris Kluwe gets a free ice cream cone out of the deal.  There's an official seal thingy and everything, so it's legit.

Although the Vikings are rumored to be kicking the tires on WR's James Jones and Braylon Edwards, it appears, at least for the time being, that Bernard Berrian is going to remain with the team.

The Vikings are still working on contract extensions for Chad Greenway and Adrian Peterson, who count for over $20 million against the cap this year. 

None of the draft picks had signed as of last night, but deals were close on at least half of them.  With players reporting to Mankato tomorrow and training camp starting Monday, look for these deals to get done pretty quickly.  Oh, and wouldn't you be kicking yourself in the ass right now if you were Jake Locker?  Last year's possible #1 overall, which ended up being St Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford, got over $50 million guaranteed.  Locker's deal?  $12 million.  Look, I know he isn't going to starve, but wow, what a difference a year makes.  And yeah, it looks like Cam Newton did, in fact, take a pay cut leaving Auburn for Carolina.  Allegedly.

So for today, look for the Vikings to maybe or maybe not pursue a free agent WR, LT Jerod Bushman may or may not be on the radar, and rookie draft pick deals will probably get done.

This will probably be our last open thread of the abbreviated free agency period, as things seem to be dying down for the Vikes, so post any Vikes or NFL news here, and we'll be back later today with some more stuff.  SKOL!!!!