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Minnesota Vikings Still Looking At Braylon Edwards Or Malcolm Floyd?

With James Jones re-signing with Green Bay, the big names on the wide receiver market have dwindled down to two. . .Braylon Edwards, late of the New York Jets, and Malcolm Floyd, formerly of the San Diego Chargers.

Although rumors have been flying around that the Minnesota Vikings are no longer interested in Edwards, the New York Daily News doesn't seem to think that's the case at all. This is from Saturday night.

I'm actually surprised that the Bears haven't been mentioned a whole lot more than they have been in the wide receiver market. They signed Roy Williams, I know. . .that certainly doesn't mean they shouldn't still be looking at receivers, though. The Redskins seem to be in on just about everybody because. . .well, because they're the Redskins. The Titans seem to be coming into this thing a bit late, too.

News on the Floyd front has been a little more scarce. If the Vikings are interested in a deep threat, however, they could do significantly worse than Floyd. Despite missing five games in 2010 with injuries, Floyd played very well for a team that was without Vincent Jackson for most of the season, putting up 717 receiving yards and averaging 19.4 yards per catch. Floyd is a bit older (he'll turn 30 three days before the Vikings' season opener), but he could be exactly what the Vikings need to open things up underneath for Percy Harvin and their tight end duo of Visanthe Shiancoe and Kyle Rudolph.

Leslie Frazier has said that the Vikings are done at the wide receiver position and that he expects Bernard Berrian to step up this season. . .but, again, NFL coaches say a lot of things, particularly when they know their front office might still be looking at certain players.