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Ray Edwards And Jared Allen Among Best DEs Of Last Three Years

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Some more football-related stuff for you to enjoy while we wait for Nancy Grace's head to explode like something out of Scanners.

(Oh, if you have a weak stomach, don't click on that link.)

Thank goodness for Pro Football Focus. . .during this long, dark tea time of the off-season, they've actually given us some stuff to chew on and talk about, and today is no exception. PFF has ranked all of the 4-3 defensive ends in the National Football League, and has come up with their list of the ten best in the NFL over the course of the last three seasons.

In what doesn't come as too much of a surprise, both of the Minnesota Vikings' starting defensive ends find themselves on the list, with Jared Allen coming in at seventh on their lost and Ray Edwards ending up right behind him at eighth. The Vikings are one of two teams with two players on the list, along with the Indianapolis Colts. In Allen's case, PFF acknowledges that he isn't the best run defending DE in the NFL (they note that about Dwight Freeney as well), but in something that should be obvious to anybody, they say that he has more than given back what the Vikings paid to get him to Minnesota.

PFF also seems to like Ray Edwards a lot as well, saying that he just seems to get better and better and noting that he steps up against the run as well as bringing pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Personally, I'm not holding out much hope that Edwards is going to be a Viking in 2011 and beyond, but the Vikings have gotten quite a bit out of him over the past three years.

In any case, we know how good the Vikings' defensive line has been over the last three years. . .Pro Football Focus has simply proven that for us.