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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: St. Paul Making A Symbolic Stand

Well, we wouldn't want anybody to think that they were making too much positive progress now, would we?

According to Save The Vikes, today the St. Paul City Council will be unanimously voting against the partnership that has been formed by the team and Arden Hills to build the Vikings' new stadium on the site of the old Twin Cities Army Ammunition Dump.

From what the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says about the vote, however, it's mostly symbolic and largely meaningless. The resolution simply states the council's position, but doesn't carry the weight of an actual ordinance or anything that can really be enforced.

I'm not sure how much more will come of this whole thing, and I'm not sure why Coleman has decided to wait until now to express his distaste with the whole situation. Nothing is really going to be happening until the state's legislators decide to dislodge their heads from their collective rear ends and get some sort of budget passed so that the state of Minnesota can actually function again. However, after that happens, one can expect actions on a Vikings' stadium bill to be swift. . .and, hopefully for Vikings fans, positive.

The stadium is going to get done. Hopefully it will be done very soon so we can stop having to hear about it and worry about it.