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The Dangers Of Twitter: The Vikings Will NOT Be On "Hard Knocks"

So, I came home for lunch this afternoon and was looking around the internet, and saw something that mentioned that Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network had said that the Minnesota Vikings were going to be on HBO's "Hard Knocks." As this is in direct contrast to something that was reported about six weeks ago, I was a little suspicious, but after a little more searching, sure enough, I saw this:

My prediciton, from what I'm hearing - Christian Ponder's (don't laugh) #Vikings for #hardknocks this year. Should be interesting...less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

There's only one problem with this. Said Twitter account does not belong to Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network. This account belongs to some schmoe that has 71 followers.

According to the NFL Network's website, the Twitter account for Jamie Dukes is, simply, @JamieDukes. Not "RealJamieDukes" as the tweet above comes from. At least, I would assume that the 32,000 people that are following @JamieDukes are following the right person. And that the NFL Network put the right person's Twitter feed on their website.

So, as it stands now, as far as anybody knows, the Minnesota Vikings are still not going to be on "Hard Knocks," and Jamie Dukes has never said that they were.

We now return you to your coverage of. . .well, whatever it was you were doing before you clicked on this story.

EDIT: The @JamieDukes account is, indeed, a verified account. . .that means that it's the real Magilla.