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Kevin Williams Is Pretty Good At Playing Football

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We mentioned the Pro Football Focus article on 4-3 defensive ends the other day, and they have moved on to 4-3 defensive tackles.

Not surprisingly, there's a very familiar name at the top of the list. . .that of Kevin Williams. For my money. . .and for most other people's money. . .he's been the best all-around defensive tackle in the National Football League for a very long time, and PFF seems to echo that sentiment.

Back in 2008, Williams was so much better than all other defensive tackles it wasn’t even close. Whether it be age, or the rest just studying tapes of him to find out what makes him so good, that gap doesn’t really exist now. He’s still dominant though – and has been for the past three years. If you don’t believe me, have a look at what he did to Washington in Week 12 of 2010. The Vikings will miss him when he’s suspended.

Hey, remember when drafting Kevin Williams was considered a mistake by Minnesota? Yeah, that was pretty funny.

Kevin Williams at the top of the list doesn't surprise me, and shouldn't surprise many other people, either. The one that does surprise me? The fact that, after allegedly having a terrible season for the Washington Redskins last year, Albert Haynesworth still finds himself at third on the list. If the Redskins should let him go. . .well, there could be worse ideas than possibly bringing him in for a look, if he could be had for a decent price.

Another possibility for the Vikings would be Brandon Mebane, soon to be late of the Seattle Seahawks. Mebane is sixth on PFF's list, but he's also four years younger than Haynesworth is. Depending on what level of confidence Fred Pagac has in rookie Christian Ballard, as well as veterans Jimmy Kennedy and Letroy Guion, he could be a nice get for the Vikings as well.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen?