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Fox Sports Holding Poll For Greatest Viking Of All Time

Well, they're actually doing polls for the greatest player in the history of all 32 teams. . .but, hey, who cares about those other 31, am I right?

Yes, Fox Sports is running a poll to determine who fans think is the greatest player in the history of the Minnesota Vikings franchise, and they've got some pretty good ones to choose from. . .four Hall of Famers, and one that should have been in the Hall of Fame at the first opportunity that he was given, but was not and still isn't in due to a severe case of rectal-cranial inversion on the part of Hall of Fame voters.

Boy. . .bet you don't know who that last guy is, huh?

The five players that Fox has put into their poll for the Vikings are Fran Tarkenton, Carl Eller, Alan Page, John Randle, and Cris Carter. As the voting stands now, Sir Francis is pretty much running away with things, as he has nearly half of the votes cast to this point. Page is running a pretty distant second.

The "Greatest Viking of All Time" is something that would probably have to have some sort of tournament associated with it to do properly, and that's something we could very well get around to doing in the near future here. What do you folks think of the Fox poll? Did they get the right five guys?