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Your Latest Minnesota Vikings Highlight Video Of The Indeterminate Time Period

In a three-year stretch from 1998 to 2000, the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys faced off twice on Thanksgiving Day down at Texas Stadium, and Randy Moss went absolutely nuts in both games. In 1998, the Cowboys held him to three catches. . .a 51-yard touchdown, a 56-yard touchdown, and another 56-yard touchdown as the greatest offense in NFL history beat the Cowboys 46-36.

But as great a game as that was, the most memorable catch he had against the Cowboys on a Thanksgiving day. . .and, quite frankly, the catch that might be the greatest catch of his remarkable career. . .came in the 2000 game that the Vikings wound up winning 27-15. To this day, I have no idea how in the heck Moss managed to catch this ball and get both feet in bounds, but. . .well, that's just the kind of thing Randy Moss did.

There really hasn't been a wide receiver in the NFL with the combination of physical gifts Moss had when he was in his prime. It seemed like there would be one play in almost every game he played where you would look at the screen and say, "I can't believe I just saw that."

Like his mentor, Cris Carter, Moss will probably get overlooked for Canton far more than he deserves, but he'll be there eventually.