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A Moment To Pause And Reflect, 10 Years Later


Gone far, far too soon...

Ten years ago today, the darkest moment in Vikings history occurred when RT Korey Stringer collapsed and died during practice at training camp in Mankato.  Stringer was rushed to the hospital, and fought like the champion he was for several hours, but in the end, his organs shut down and he succumbed. 

Drafted out of Ohio State in 1995, he was emerging as one of the better tackles in the game, having made the Pro Bowl in 2000, and by all accounts was a great teammate.  Cris Carter, Dennis Green, and Randy Moss were almost inconsolable when they met the press, and The Big Man's memory is still with Vikings fans 10 years later.

The Vikings, along with the rest of the NFL, made sweeping changes to how practices are conducted in hot weather, and hopefully, his death has not been in vain.

Then offensive line coach Mike Tice summed it up best at Stringer's funeral when he said 'God needed a right tackle'.

Rest in peace, Korey, and Godspeed.