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Fantasy Football: Who's Number Two?

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We'll have more word on the official Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League for 2011 next week when I, hopefully, have a little more time to get it set up and determine how to let people be a part of it. There's a chance that there will be more than one league this year. . .since it's on Yahoo!, it's free, after all. . .so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Today's fantasy football post focuses on the draft once again. Now, with this being a the greatest Minnesota Vikings' site, I assume that most of us have an inherent bias as to who we would draft for our fantasy football team if given the first overall pick in the draft. . .it would be the one and only Adrian Peterson.

So, rather than asking you who should go first in your fantasy football draft. . .since, again, the answer is pretty obvious. . .the operative question here is "Who's #2?" There is no shortage of options, but rather than break them down myself, I would rather let you folks discuss them, whether they're in the poll or not, and tell us who you would take.

The poll is right down there, and I think I've put most of the viable options on there. As always, if somebody has been left off, make sure to mention them. Enjoy!

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