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Vikings Release First Depth Chart

With the release of the first depth chart of the season, we can begin to maybe have some questions answered, but we can also start to do some wild speculation.  Like Donald Rumsfeld said, there are a lot of things we know.  And there are a lot of things we don't know.  And there are a lot of things we don't know we don't know.

Hell to the YES!  I LOVE the speculation, let's get it on!

Let's break down the depth chart, after the jump

First, let's talk offense.  I'll list position, then name.  The first name that appears is considered the starter.


Player Name (starter)

Player Name (2nd String)

Player (3rd String

Player (4th String)

Player (Insurance Salesmen)


Bernard Berrian

Michael Jenkins

Jaymar Johnson

Emmanuel Arceneaux

Devin Aromashodu


Charlie Johnson

Pat Brown

DeMarcus Love



Steve Hutchinson

Seth Olsen

Byron Isom

Conan Amituanai



John Sullivan

Jon Cooper

Brandon Fusco




Chris DeGeare

Ryan Cook

Rodney Huntley




Phil Loadholt

Thomas Welch

Scott Kooistra


Ed Barham


Visanthe Shiancoe

Jim Kleinsasser

Jeff Dugan

Kyle Rudolph

Allen Reisner


Percy Harvin

Greg Camarillo

Stephen Burton

Juaquin Iglesias

Dominique Johnson


Donovan McNabb

Joe Webb

Christian Ponder

Rhett Bomar



Ryan D'Imperio

Matt Asiata




Adrian Peterson

Toby Gerhart

Lorenzo Booker

Alexander Robinson

Tristan Davis

For the offense, there were a couple things that caught my eye.  The firsrt was the WR depth, which I think I called, thank you very much:  Harvin, Berrian, Jenkins, Camarillo, and Jaymar Johnson.  I'm surprised Aromashodu is so far down on the depth chart, simply for the fact that the Vikings pursued him in free agency.  I'm telling you, watch out for Jaymar Johnson, he might be worth a late round fantasy sleeper.

On the offensive line, I'm really surprised that DeMarcus Love is behind Brown and Welch.  It was hard to keep track of all the different linemen unless you were specifically looking at one guy, but the few times I observed Love, he held his own.  But admittedly, I didn't really pay attention to Brown and Welch.  I'm also surprised Scott Kooistra is so far down on the depth chart.  For the guards, it looks like Cook will probably be the top backup again, but it will be interesting to see how that shakes out when Anthony Herrera returns.

Kyle Rudolph is buried on the depth chart, and that was probably the most surprising.  Granted, I'm only going off of two days of observation, and The Holy Trinity (Pelissero, Zulgad, Fowler) have been reporting over the last couple days that Rudolph has struggled a bit, but he really stood out early on.

I think Webb and Ponder are interchangeable at this point between the second and third spot, and Frazier will give both of them a fair shot to win the #2 job.  It's not like I'll be upset with whoever is the #2 guy, because I think they're both good.

Let's look at the defense:


Player (1st)

Player (2nd)

Player (3rd)

Player (Arena League Starter)


Brian Robison

Adrian Awasom

D'Aundre Reed


Remi Ayodele

Fred Evans

Tremaine Johnson

Colby Whitlock


Kevin Williams

Letroy Guion

Christian Ballard

Cedric McKinley


Jared Allen

Everson Griffen

David Akinniyi


Chad Greenway

Heath Farwell

Kenny Onatolu

Larry Dean


EJ Henderson

Jasper Brinkley

Jonathan Gilmore


Erin Henderson

Ross Homan

Mark Washington


Antoine Winfield

Chris Cook

Brandon Burton

Marcus Sherels


Cedric Griffin

Asher Allen

Cord Parks

Devon Torrence


Tyrell Johnson

Jamarca Sanford

Eric Frampton

Ryan Hill


Husain Abdullah

Mistral Raymond

Simeon Castille

Chris Adingupu

There's a bit of a mild surprise, at least to me, with the starters.  Tyrell Johnson is getting the nod over Jamarca Sanford, but it looked like that Sanford was a little bit a head of Johnson early on.  Ross Homan is second string on the outside,which is a bit surprising.  I think if Kenny Onatolu was healthy, he'd be second team on that side, but that's just me. 

The nickel back feels like Chris Cook, and the dime back seems like Asher Allen, which I think is a good fit.  Allen has talent, but he was way overexposed when forced in to a starting role last season.  Seeing both Marcus Sherels and Devon Torrance buried on the depth chart was a mild surprise, as they both have looked good so far.

About the only other surprise, at least so far, was seeing Christian Ballard so far down on the depth chart, but when you look at the guys ahead of him, it makes sense.  Evans and Guion played well in rotational relief last season, and it would seem unrealistic that Ballard would leap them.

For the special teams, the top two kick returners are Harvin and Booker, and the top punt returners are Camarillo and Jaymar Johnson.

It will be interesting to see how this shuffles after the Tennessee game.