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Training Camp Ends...What I'm Looking For Saturday Night

The Vikes have ended their 46th consecutive season in Mankato yesterday, and now we move to pre-season games.  There are still a lot of questions the Vikings need to answer, but there are some issues that seem to be working themselves out.  What I'm goingto be looking for on Saturday:

 QB:  How has Donovan McNabb settled into the offense, and has he developed a rapport and timing with his receivers.  I also want to see Joe Webb and Ponder.  This is kind of like for me, back in the day, having to cheer for Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock when they were both good guys.  Whoever wins the #2 job, I'm going to be happy either way.

RB:  Can Lorenzo Booker find a way to get on the field? Peterson and Gerhart are 1 and 2, but Booker has some game.

WR:  Can Michael Jenkins help take the heat off of Percy Harvin, and are the receivers really going to be playing at multiple positions? 

TE:  I'm looking forward to seeing young Kyle Rudolph and the new two tight end sets, and how they will be employed.

DL:  Will the Vikings rotate as much, and where will guys like Ev Griffen and Christian Ballard fit in?

LB:  Erin Henderson over Ben Leber, and if Ross Homan is a legit #2 on the depth chart

DB:  Ced Griffin won't play, so I want to see how Chris Cook looks, and obviously, who the starting safeties are and how they play.

Remember, the most important thing is to get out of there injury free, and let's not over or under react too much with what we see on the field...but we kknow we will, and that's okay!

What are you guys looking for?