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Vikings At Seahawks Game Thread


Seattle Seahawks (1-0)




Saturday, August 20th
9:00 PM CST
KARE Ch 11, Multiple replays on NFLN
Ted's Prediction: It's Pre-Season.  I just want healthy
Final Score: Vikings 20, Seahawks 7 (No major injuries)


It's pre-season game number two, and like every other game of the pre-season, I just want everyone on both teams to come out of this healthy and none the worse for wear.  Some things I'll be looking for is still the offensive and defensive line.  Specifically, progress for Charlie Johnson, Chris DeGeare, and Phil Loadholt, who's also been working at tackle.  I'll be interested to see if they give him an opportunity to play that spot in a game situation.

On defense, I hope to see more Christian Ballard, Remi Ayodele, and Brian Robison.  And, of course, the secondary.  Hopefully we see some hope in the play of Chris Cook and Asher Allen.

And finally, the Coach Frazier said that Christian Ponder will be playing with the second team, so it's a step up in competition, and seeing how he responds will be fun to watch.

Oh, and drinking game for the night:  for every mention of Tarvaris Jackson 'getting a new start' , or something similar, drink.  For every Tarvaris Jackson jump pass, do a shot.  But make sure you set your DVR, because you'll be passed out by kickoff.