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Larry Fitzgerald Is Not Coming To Minnesota

In recent days, there have been talks about Larry Fitzgerald, the star receiver for the Arizona Cardinals (and a Minneapolis native) entering the free agent market after the 2011 season and the Vikings signing him to a big contract to bring him "home."

Yeah. . .scratch that idea.

Yesterday, Fitzgerald inked an 8-year, $120 million extension with the Cardinals. The contract will guarantee him a whopping $50 million. . .or, in practical terms, a hell of a lot more than any wide receiver in the National Football League has ever received in terms of guaranteed money.

On the upside, it's obviously good for Fitzgerald. . .it's nice to see the former Vikings' ball boy get paid in that manner. On the flip side, between the Fitzgerald deal and the five-year, $63 million deal the Cardinals gave to Kevin Kolb as part of acquiring him from the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona now has a ton of money tied up in those two guys.

But, sadly, it means that we won't be seeing Larry Fitzgerald in purple any time soon, and probably not ever.