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Jared Allen Does Not Toe The Company Line


Here's an interesting tidbit.

For those of you that saw the Vikings -Seahawks game from the local Minneapolis broadcast (which by the way, is quality TV.  Mike Mayock rocks, and the conversation he had with Rick Spielman in the second half was quality TV) at some point the broadcast cut to the sidleines, and the reporter interviewed DE Jared Allen.

Jared Allen was asked about the stadium, and he made no bones about how much the Metrodome sucked and that Vikings need a new facility.  For those of you that missed it, you can watch it right 'chere.

Did I mention that Jared Allen is awesome?

Anyway, Corporate Overlord Kevin Seifert, who covers the NFC North for ESPN, had this to say about the interview:

I'm sure Allen was just toeing the company line, probably one fed to him shortly before the interview.

Well, Vikes PR guy Jeff Anderson took to the Twitters to dispute:

To those suggesting Allen was fed a line (@espn_nfcnblog) no one said anything to him before his interview. He's always been vocal about it.

That's because Jared Allen kneels for no man.

But he does get rid of the mullet when the wife tells him to.  Which we totally get.