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Ah, crap.

Yeah, that title is descriptive enough. News is breaking today of two injuries coming out of Saturday's pre-season game: one that is likely catastrophic for one man's chances to make the team, and one that might be catastrophic for the team in general.

Kevin Williams has injured his foot, reports are now saying, and he was held out of practice today. According to HC Leslie Frazier, it's been bugging him for a few weeks now, and he's been having trouble pushing off of it. The team is now asking Williams to see a specialist.

Hopefully this is something minor, and won't affect Williams in the upcoming season. However, foot injuries have a wonderful way of nagging on and on.

Also, OT Scott Kooistra has been officially placed on IR due to a neck injury suffered in the game at Seattle, and is still there seeking treatment. Whether or not Kooistra stays on IR ala Jaymar Johnson, or is eventually released, remains to be seen.

The Vikings signed Stylez White, who is a DE, with the spot freed by Kooistra.