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Herrera in for Pre-Season Game 3, Shiancoe Out

Anthony Herrera, who has been recovering from a torn triceps as well as a torn ACL, will see his first preseason action this Saturday against the Cowboys. Don’t expect a lengthy piece of tape, however- HC Leslie Frazier has said he only intends to play him for one quarter. If Herrera shows any sign of recurring injury, or any indication at all that he’s not 100% healthy, then expect that playing time to be much less.

Visanthe Shiancoe however will not being joining Herrera on the field. He ‘tweaked’ his already sore hamstring in practice either on Monday or Tuesday, and was held out today. While it’s not official that he will be out of the game, considering that Shiancoe suffered the same injury last season (as well as the nagging nature of it), I would go ahead and consider him all but scratched off for the game. As a vet with experience and success at his position, preseason playing time likely won’t be considered as important as ensuring he is as healthy as possible for the real thing.