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Viking Fans Needed for Minnesota State Fair

I love the Minnesota State Fair. Love it.

Normally, I don't gravitate to hot, crowded locales known for greasy food and livestock, but the State Fair isn't normal life, it's a holiday. It's a deep-fried, chocolate-covered holiday on a stick that wears a cardboard Gedney pickle on its head and sunscreen on its nose. And, if I have my way, I'm going to attend the Fair at least twice this year.

You might wonder why I'm mentioning the Minnesota State Fair here on the Daily Norseman. Well it just so happens that Minnesota Momentum is looking for true purple volunteers to help at their booth at the State Fair. That's right, fans supporting the Minnesota Vikings' push for a new stadium in Arden Hills can volunteer some time at the Minnesota Momentum booth which is conveniently located next to the official Vikings booth in Fan Central*. Volunteers are needed to work four-hour shifts at the booth every day of the State Fair so the chances are good that they will have a time that fits your schedule.

Just think of it, while your family is spending an hour in line waiting for deep-fried cheese curds or Sweet Martha's Cookies you could be helping to promote a new Vikings stadium. If your family really loves you, they'll save you some cheese curds and cookies. They'll also be impressed at your cool volunteer perks.

Not only is there an opportunity to volunteer at the Minnesota Momentum booth, but there will also be fun stuff like Stadium Bingo. Bingo participants can win some really cool prizes like a football signed by Coach Leslie Frazier, an authentic Jared Allen-signed jersey, press-box seats, and pre-game field passes for home games. According to my sources, there will even be Vikings fan flash mobs.

If you are interested in volunteering to help staff the Minnesota Momentum booth please email and title your email "State Fair Volunteer". You don't need to be a Minnesota resident to volunteer, just a fan willing to share four hours of your time.

Even if you aren't able to volunteer at the Minnesota Momentum booth, make sure to stop by and check it out. They have all sorts of information about what Vikings fans can do to help the efforts to get a new stadium built in Arden Hills. Don't forget to tell the fine folks at the Minnesota Momentum booth that the Daily Norseman sent you!

Check out the MN State Fair site for directions to the Fair, discounts and deals, and maps.

*Fan Central is located on the west side of Underwood between Carnes and Dan Patch, behind the Giant Slide.