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Cowboys At Vikings Game Thread

Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings


@ Vikings_home_helmet_medium

27 August, 2011
7:00 PM CST
KARE Ch 11, Multiple replays on NFLN
Ted's Prediction: It's Pre-Season.  I just want healthy
Final Score: Cowboys 23, Vikings 17 (no major injuries)


It's the dress rehearsal for the Vikings.  Week 3 in the pre-season is the measuring stick from where we can take the most stock in how the starters will do.

Or is it?  I'm still going to try and keep my expectations in check, but if there's still improvement this week over last week, I'll be happy.

First off, this will be a great test for the Vikings.  Dallas, much like the Vikings, went in to last season with high hopes, only to see them crushed early and often.  They also fired their coach, much like the Vikings, and somewhat rallied under the interim guy, Jason Garrett, who, just like Leslie Frazier, was named the permanent coach.

There's still a lot to look for tonight, the offensive line being of the primary look see.  Anthony Herrera will start with the first team, and how he does will probably determine whether it's going to be him or Chris DeGeare to start the season.  Christian Ponder and Joe Webb are still battling to be the #2 guy behind Donovan McNabb, and I'd like to see McNabb take some shots down field and get the first team in the end zone.

On defense, will the Rise Of Marcus Sherels continue?  I personally hope so, because I think the kid is miles better than Asher Allen.  On the line, I'll be looking at who starts at tackle.  In one of the threads somebody mentioned that whoever starts opposite Remi Ayodele at tackle will probably be the guy that's going to replace Kevin Williams for the first two games of the season...or however long his ridiculous suspension will last. 

And because it's pre-season, most importantly we want no injuries.