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No Surprises Among Vikings Initial Roster Cuts

The Minnesota Vikings have released ten players to get into compliance with the roster rules that say they have to get down to eighty players. Nothing earth-shattering in the first round of cuts from what I can see.

Here are the players that got a visit from the Turk today:

DB Chris Adingupu
OL Conan Amituanai
TE Ed Barham
QB Rhett Bomar
DB Simeon Castille
LB Jonathan Gilmore
WR Andre Holmes
LB Kyle O'Donnell
K Nate Whitaker
DT Colby Whitlock

The next roster cuts that the Vikings will need to make will take place on Sunday, when NFL rules mandate that the rosters have to be pared down to 53. I'm guessing that those will be significantly more exciting/important than the ones that I've just listed.

Players that are on the proverbial bubble will get one more shot to impress Leslie Frazier and company. That shot will come on Thursday night, when the Vikings will host the Houston Texans in the fourth pre-season game of the season at the Metrodome.