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McKinnie Donates Household Goods To Local Charity

There aren't a lot of fans of Bryant McKinnie on this site, and I would be one of those non-fans.  But when a guy does something to help out his fellow man, it deserves credit and recognition.

McKinnie has donated all of the household goods from his Minneapolis home to a local charity, which is very kind gesture for a guy that left Minnesota in somewhat embarrassing circumstances.  Said McKinnie through his publicist:

All of my furniture in my old home is practically new and in decent condition, I look at this as a positive way to move to my new location, while still providing families in need of appliances and household goods.

It would have been easy for McKinnie to just have his stuff packed up and moved to Baltimore, but it was very thoughtful of him to donate what I can only assume is some pretty nice stuff to those that are less fortunate than he is.

Good luck to you in Baltimore, Bryant.  What you did was very generous, and there are families throughout Minneapolis benefiting from your generosity, whether they get a new couch, stove, or refrigerator.