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The Daily Norseman Has Come To Mankato To Chew Bubble Gum And Kick Ass. And We're All Out Of Bubble Gum

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Daily Norseman World Headquarters, such that it is, has temporarily relocated to Mankato, MN, to cover training camp as members of the media.

Yeah, I know, I can't believe it either.

So unless the greatest practical joke in the history of mankind has been executed to flawless perfection, with full cooperation of the Vikings PR staff, come 9:00 tomorrow, DN will be covering the Vikings and giving you the information real time via the Twittering.

Because come tomorrow morning, we have a job. We have prospects. We're bonafide.

Hope I don't get kicked out of Woolworth's

So I'll be tweeting practice stuff real time, and we'll upload pictures and video at our first opportunity. We'll also be trying to get interviews, and will post those as soon as we can get them transcribed and on the site.

Because Chris won't give out the sacred Twitter password* for DN, you can follow my Twitter account:


*He probably would give it out. If I like, asked, and stuff.

So, we'll see you here, tomorrow morning, and we'll be in Mankato through the Saturday night practice at Blakeslee Stadium.