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Donovan McNabb Is In Minnesota On A One-Year Contract

This story actually came out a day or two ago, but I didn't want to detract from the awesome coverage of Training Camp that Ted was providing during the limited time he was there, so I held off on it.

When the Vikings acquired Donovan McNabb from the Washington Redskins a couple of weeks ago, everyone knew that a contract restructuring was in order. However, nobody was quite sure what the terms of McNabb's new contract were. Now we know, according to Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500. The contract is a one-year deal. . .yes, a one-year deal. . .with a base salary of $5.05 million. Incentives could potentially push the deal to $7.25 million.

So, if there was any doubt as to whether or not McNabb would end up being anything more than a one-year bridge to the Christian Ponder era, that should pretty much squelch it. With the shortened off-season, the Vikings wanted to get themselves a quarterback that gives them a chance to compete now, and the price was right for McNabb. I'm thoroughly convinced that if we had gotten a full off-season of mini-camps and everything else that Ponder (or Joe Webb) would be your starting quarterback in San Diego for the season opener, but Leslie Frazier and company decided that it just wasn't feasible to make that happen.