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Donovan McNabb's Performance Was NOT The Worst In Vikings History

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. . .Mrs. Gonzo and I are off for a fun, exciting day at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, but before that, I wondered about exactly how low Donovan McNabb's 39-yard passing performance ranked in the annals of Vikings history.

It wasn't the worst passing performance in team history. . .in fact, the Vikings have had seven passing performances in team history that were worse, according to the good folks at Pro Football Reference. The sad thing?

In the seven games in Minnesota Vikings' history where they put up a worse passing performance, they have a record of 5-2. Here are those games.

November 11, 1971 vs Green Bay - 5 completions, 11 attempts, 21 yards passing (Vikings win, 3-0)
December 11, 1971 vs Detroit - 4 completions, 15 attempts, 21 yards passing (Vikings win, 29-10)
October 15, 1967 at Green Bay - 2 completions, 11 attempts, 25 yards passing (Vikings win, 10-7)
October 4, 1976 vs Pittsburgh - 4 completions, 11 attempts, 26 yards passing (Vikings win, 17-6)
December 16, 1962 at Baltimore - 8 completions, 24 attempts, 26 yards passing (Vikings lose, 42-17)
October 26, 1970 vs Los Angeles Rams - 5 completions, 9 attempts, 26 yards passing (Vikings win, 13-3)
December 21, 2006 at Green Bay - 10 completions, 20 attempts, 27 yards passing (Vikings lose, 9-7)

I don't think Donovan McNabb is going to have another performance like he had on Sunday this year. . .and if he does, it's going to be time for the Christian Ponder era to begin, because Minnesota can't handle much more of this.