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Looks Like Trading Benny Sapp Was A Good Move

If you watched the Dolphins-Patriots game last night, you might have noticed former Viking CB Benny Sapp out there. Remember, at the beginning of last season, we traded him to Miami for WR Greg Camarillo. While there are mixed feelings around here concerning Camarillo sticking on the roster for this year, it seems that the trade still may have worked out in our favor. Stick with me here…

See, in case you missed it, Tom Brady mimicked his long-time idol Gus Ferrote with a 99 yard TD pass. The man covering Wes Welker, the receiver responsible for the catch? Benny Sapp.

Well, the Dolphins apparently were none too pleased… to the tone of cutting him today. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a bit of an overreaction on the Dolphin’s part. It wasn’t like Sapp was the only cornerback trashed by Brady on his historic 517 yards passing day. And when I saw the pass, catch, and run, I felt it was more the safety’s fault… he ran a bad angle.

Yes, Sapp got burned, and yes, he failed miserably in his tackle attempt (I think Welker stumbled ever so slightly, but I’m not sure). But let’s face it- a Brady-to-Welker pass is a hard thing to cover, especially when the safety leaves wide open field ahead.

But… Sapp also had a big hand in the lone Brady INT that night, the first pick against Brady during the regular season in about 52 years (I think).

OK, so here’s where I’m going with this. I can hear certain eyes rolling already, yes- rolling so hard they’re actually making audible noise- but could the Vikings consider picking him back up? Asher Allen has already missed the first game due to an injury, and I really just don’t see that guy ever amounting to much for us. In my opinion, Sapp’s your better man. Our CB position is unfortunately injury-prone: Antoine Winfield was hurt in ’09, Chris Cook in ’10, and of course Cedric Griffin in ’09 and ’10. I’m not suggesting that Sapp supplant any of those guys by any means- but I think he would be a boost to the backup corps by replacing Allen.

Plus, it would be pretty funny to get Sapp back with Camarillo still on our roster. (And OK, yes, I just wanna brag about that to my mom.)

What say you, fellow Viking faithful? Sapp back to the Vikes?