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The Daily Norseman Is The People's Choice


So, you remember the Most Valuable Blogger contest from CBS Minnesota that we mentioned during the month of August, right? Well, the results of the contest are being announced, and I would say that we learned something, but it's something that we've basically known all along.

The Daily Norseman won the People's Choice award in the "Sports" category of the Most Valuable Blogger voting. The Editor's Choice award went to the good folks over at The Viking Age, which is on the short list of must-read Vikings blogs that you should be checking out on a regular basis.

Huge thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for us on this one, and we're proud to be named the People's Choice as Minnesota's Most Valuable Sports Blog. As I've always said, without you guys, there is no site here, and so we're pretty darn happy with the fact that the people think that we are the best sports blog that Minnesota has to offer.

Here are the winners in the other categories. . .if you see something that interests you, give these hard-working folks a little bit of traffic.


People's Choice - Food For My Family
Editor's Choice - Minnesota Locavore

Local Affairs

People's Choice - The Cucking Stool
Editor's Choice - Minnesota Brown


People's Choice - Fat Little Legs
Editor's Choice -The Great Fitness Experiment


People's Choice - My Alabaster Box
Editor's Choice - Fit Foodie Finds

"Everything Else"

People's Choice - Get Busy Gardening!
Editor's Choice - RedPencilworks