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Help The Daily Norseman And Guinness Find The Boldest Viking Fans!

As you very likely noticed during the game on Sunday (if you were here for the Game Thread, in any case), the fine folks at Guinness are one of our big sponsors this season. They're looking for the boldest fans in the NFL, and we're enlisting the help of you fine folks to assist them in doing just that.

There will be two posts about the boldest fans among the Viking faithful over the course of the next couple of weeks. The first one, which will come next week, will concern the boldest fan that the Vikings have ever had. Some examples of such fans from other teams would include "Fireman Ed" from the Jets, the Hogettes from the Redskins, and Cleveland's Dawg Pound. I know that there are some folks over the course of Vikings history that can carry that mantle, and I'd like to hear from you as to who, exactly, those people are.

The second one, which will come in two weeks, will highlight the boldest fan from right here at The Daily Norseman. What's the criteria for the "boldest" fan on the site? Well. . .that's up to you to decide. It could be someone that's been a suffering fan for a long time, someone that adds a lot in the FanPosts or comments sections, or anyone else that you think deserves some recognition from their fellow fans of the Beloved Purple.

Feel free to leave nominations for either or both of those categories in the comments section, and I'll be looking them over in order to comprise the next two posts in this series. Thanks in advance to everyone for participating!