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E.J. Henderson Will Be A 'Game Time Decision'

Well, we can file this under the the header of  'Oh, Crap.'  Sort of.

E.J. Henderson woke up yesterday morning with swelling in his knee, and didn't practice.  The Vikings went with the prudent decision to give him an x-ray, which revealed no damage, and take it easy for the day. 

He woke up again today with the knee still swollen, and didn't practice, making him a game time decision on Sunday against Tampa Bay, although he's 'pretty confident' he'll play.

If he can't go, it looks like Erin Henderson will move to the middle and Kenny Onatolu will take Erin Henderson's spot on the outside.  If that happens, that means of the front 7 that started the opener last year, only two would be starting on Sunday, DE Jared Allen and LB Chad Greenway.

But maybe you've heard a little bit about the drive and determination of one E.J. know, the guy that came back to play professional football after a compound femur fracture?  The guy that's done something no one in the history of the NFL had done?  I have to say, Henderson seemed pretty unconcerned about it, according to ESPN 1500's Tom Pelissero:

Henderson, 31, confirmed the swelling originates in the area of his knee where surgeons inserted a titanium rod to repair the fractured femur. The only difference this was "maybe a little extra pain at the bottom of the knee," Henderson said, "but it's nothing surprising to us."

So if I could, I'd like to translate:  Yeah, no big deal.  That titanum rod in my leg that's keeping my femur secure is causing some pain and a little swelling, but no big deal.  Nope, I chew glass for breakfast, so this is nothing.  Eff it, I'm good to play middle linebacker in the National Football League.  Let's go.

Henderson is confident he'll play Sunday, and I'm confident he carries his nads around in a wheelbarrow.

Although gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice, I'm banking that Henderson plays Sunday.