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Which Vikings Are Worth Playing In Fantasy Football This Week?

I can hear what you're saying already. . .the Vikings' offense, by and large, looked pitiful last week against the Chargers. Why on earth would someone suggest that anyone from Minnesota is worth playing at all?

Well, the thing about looking as bad on offense as the Vikings did last Sunday is that, really, it can't get a hell of a lot worse than that. I know. . .as a Viking fan, I should really never say "it can't get worse," but seriously, how much worse can it get?

With that, there are definitely a couple of members of the Beloved Purple that are worth putting into your lineup this week, and we'll detail them after the jump.

Start 'Em

Adrian Peterson - Like I have to tell you this. If you own Adrian Peterson and you're not playing him every week the Vikings' schedule doesn't say "Bye," then you pretty much have no business playing fantasy football anyway.

Percy Harvin - Is Harvin a #1 wide receiver in fantasy football? Nope, he's not. Is he a pretty darn good #2 receiver option, particularly if your league takes return yardage into account? He certainly is. With the type of offense this team wants to run, Harvin is going to be a beneficiary if it ever gets into gear, and you don't want to miss out when that happens.

Vikings' Defense - If you'll recall, before the Vikings' offense decided to pull a disappearing act, the defense was actually holding up pretty well, with a sack and two interceptions of Philip Rivers in the first half of play. While Josh Freeman is a solid, promising young quarterback. . .with all due respect to him, he ain't Philip Rivers. This should be a pretty close game, and I don't see either team scoring a ton of points, so the defense would be a pretty solid play, in my opinion.

As far as everyone else, while I expect the Minnesota passing offense to be better this week. . .which, I'll grant you, is not exactly a terribly high hurdle to clear. . .I can't, in good conscience, recommend anyone from the Vikings' offense be in your lineup tomorrow morning when things kick off. Maybe Visanthe Shiancoe could be a consideration if you're really thin at tight end. . .like, Nicole Richie-thin. . .but other than that, those three people/entities should be the only ones from Minnesota that should be anywhere near your starting lineup.