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Tampa Bay Buccaneers At Minnesota Vikings - Second Quarter Open Thread

The Minnesota Vikings' offense has already looked infinitely more impressive in this game than they did against the San Diego Chargers, and everybody's getting into the act. Adrian Peterson has 41 yards and a touchdown on seven carries, and Toby Gerhart even got into the act with a beautiful 31-yard carry around the left side. Donovan McNabb already has 55 yards, with Percy Harvin and Michael Jenkins each having a pair of catches to their credit.

The Vikings punched the ball into the end zone on their final play of the first quarter, as Peterson took the ball in from a yard out. McNabb was 5/5 on the drive, which covered 90 yards after the team took over at their own 10-yard line.

The touchdown for Peterson also breaks the tie he was in with Bill Brown and Chuck Foreman for the most rushing touchdowns in Minnesota Vikings' history. It was the 53rd rushing touchdown of Peterson's career.

Minnesota has looked good on both sides of the ball in the first quarter. Can they keep the momentum going? Join us here for the best in-game Vikings' experience on the internet, won't you?