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Yeah. . .Let's Talk About This Later

Here's everything you need to know about the first two games of the Minnesota Vikings' 2011 season.

First half scoring - Vikings 34, Bad Guys 7

Second half scoring - Bad Guys 41, Vikings 3

And that's why this team is currently 0-2 when they could very easily be sitting at 2-0 after playing two very good opponents.

But hey. . .at least we had all of our time outs when the game was finished. That means we get to use them next week, right? Doesn't it?

We don't? Well, then, that doesn't make a damn bit of sense.

Yeah. . .we'll talk a bit more about this later. At the moment, my lawn needs mowing, and I need some time for this to fully sink in. It just boggles the mind how this team can look so good in the first half of two consecutive ball games, and then look so absolutely pathetic in the second half.

Oh, and our opponents next week won their game this afternoon by 45 points. Yeah.