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Joe Senser Will Apparently Shut The Hell Up For The Time Being

Joe Senser was one of my favorite Vikings when I was a teenager. The guy was a 1,000 yard receiving Pro Bowl tight end, and was one of Tommy Kramer's favorite targets. After injuries forced him in to retirement, Senser hung around in Minneapolis and became a local celebrity, hosting and being a guest on numerous sports talk shows, doing color commentary for the Vikings on the radio at one point, and opening Joe Senser's Bar and Grill. This year he's scheduled to do color commentary for St. Thomas football on WCCO.

Basically, Joe Senser is in our periphery because Joe Senser never shuts the hell up.

Except, you know, when a vehicle he owns is involved in a fatal hit and run that left one man dead.

The accident occurred on August 23rd, and cops had to use a local Mercedes dealer to help trace the vehicle. When they eventually figured out it belonged to Senser, Senser said nothing, excpet through his attorney:

"Obviously the Senser family recognizes this is a tremendously tragic incident, and the Senser family has significantly cooperated with the State Patrol in their investigation. Joe is well-known for being a man of tremendous integrity, and as this process plays itself out that integrity will again be demonstrated," Nelson added. "It's a very difficult situation for everyone involved, and I can't stress that enough. They are in shock, they are grieving for the victim and they are fearful of the future."

Oh really? Yeah, Joe, you're so broken up somebody in your family fled the scene and you didn't tell the cops. And I'm sorry, but the whole 'man of tremendous integrity' line gets thrown out the window when you either flee the scene of an accident and don't report it, or someone in your family does...and you don't report it. And the cops have to track you down.

I find it ironic that a guy that can't find the time to shut the hell up most of the time can't find the time to talk to cops after a man has tragically lost his life.

This is a sad story all the way around, but Joe Senser has some explaining to do.