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Tyrell Johnson Arrested For DWI

Well, if this is true, maybe it means Johnson is one step closer to the unemployment line.

Saw this from Darren Wolfson on the Twitter. An individual by the name of Marcellous Tyrell Johnson. . .which is Johnson's full name. . .who was born on May 19, 1985. . .which just happens to be the same date of birth of the Tyrell Johnson that plays for the Vikings. . .was detained by the Hennepin County Police Department at 3:17 this morning and charged with Driving While Impaired.

I'm under the impression that it might be the same guy, but lord knows I've been wrong before.

The blotter shows that it's a "fourth-degree" DWI, which is a misdemeanor from what it says on the page there, but still. . .if your roster spot is precarious as it is, why the heck would you do something so stupid anyway?

Mama always told me that nothing good ever happens after midnight. Or was it 2 AM. Either way, my mother would be awfully disappointed in Tyrell Johnson. Of course, he's been disappointing us for as long as he's been in a Minnesota uniform. . .no good reason for him to stop now.

And, yes, he apparently holds his liquor much better than he holds on to potential game-clinching interceptions. (What. . .too soon?)