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Kevin Williams Activated (Yay!) Bernard Berrian and Tyrell Johnson NOT Released (Boo!)

The NFL is  numbers game, and with the activation of DT Kevin Williams today, somebody had to go.

Our little corner of the Internet seemed to have an overwhelming preference for Tyrell Johnson, who combines the hands of Troy Williamson with the hitting power of paper mache, or Bernard Berrian, a guy that has arms about as long as Peter Dinklage with the tenacity of a kitten looking at a rainbow when going for the football.

When it was reported that Tyrell Johnson got popped for a DWI, it seemed that he might be prime candidate #1, but no.

No, say goodbye to Adrian Awasom, rookie DE who really played well in the pre-season and earned a roster spot.  But with the number of DL on the roster, that seemed like a logical place to cut a guy from.

It's tough to see a guy that busted his ass and earn his spot get whacked over two guys that don't deserve it, but whatever.