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Welcome Now To The Daily Harvin

We enjoyed Chris bringing us the Daily Edwards over the lockout… and now I present the Daily Harvin, which is just a bit more awesome.

Before I continue- yes, I am still writing a story on the effects of losing a team in terms of financial status, culture, etc. versus the actual cost of funding the stadium via the proposed tax increase. And yes, I am still pushing for my fellow out of state Viking fans to join me in our letter writing campaign. And yes, Floridian Viking fans, I am still scoping out the ideal place for us to meet up for the Vikings-Packers home game this season, per my promise a few months back.

But… it’s very hard to really wrap my mind around all that, considering I’m also wrapping my mind around these last two losses. Ted has said it best, I think… we’ve suffered through good teams breaking our hearts at the last second, and we’ve suffered through terrible teams that make us have no faith in a season whatsoever. And yet… this is just something totally new.

Apparently, however, one Mr. Percy Harvin has wrapped his mind around it. And summarily let his fellow offensive teammates (some being more ‘offensive’ than others, read that one how you will) know all about it, according to a report via the Pioneer Press.

Per the report, Harvin blames the loss on poor execution, seemingly a bit of a theme lately. Apparently, the Vikings lined up in the wrong formation on some key third downs, twice as a matter of fact. According to Harvin, the plays should have been "walk-in touchdowns", but resulted in McNabb being sacked.

Being the class act he is, Harvin’s remaining mum on just who did what wrong. Publicly, anyways… I’m going to guess he’s said a few things in private to teammates.

Hmm. An effect of the lockout, perhaps? The rather late-in-the-day changes at offensive line? Hopefully, this is something that will be corrected by Sunday, and won’t rear its ugly head again. ‘Cuz two walk-in touchdowns would have been really, REALLY helpful last Sunday.