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How Do You Think The Vikings Should Handle The Quarterback Situation?

So, now you've seen what both Ted and I have to say on the subject, I leave the question in the hands of you, the faithful readers of the Daily Norseman and the best fans anywhere, to have at it, debate style.

Should the Vikings continue to stick with Donovan McNabb at quarterback, or should they go ahead and throw Christian Ponder into the fire and let him get some experience this season?

Both sides of the argument have merit, and there really is nothing like a good ol' quarterback controversy to get things moving for football fans. All we ask is that you keep it civil. After all, in the end, we all want what's best for this football team. . .we just might have different visions of how to get there. (And, yes, even though neither Ted nor I brought him up, I included a Joe Webb option in there as well.)

We'll have some more good stuff for you later on, including the Stock Market Report and the vote for this week's Game Ball (since, yes, one DOES have to be given out).