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Who Is The Boldest Viking Fan At The Daily Norseman?

This evening, ladies and gentlemen, we must bring our series about the boldest fans in football to an end. This particular post is supposed to be dedicated to who the boldest fan at this particular site is. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot in the way of nominations, so I sat down for a bit this afternoon and thought about it.

In the five years that this site has been in existence, there have been a lot of outstanding individual fans that have graced our pages. Some of them have been fans since the beginning, some of them have overcome various physical obstacles to cheer on their team, and every single one of them has their own unique story.

Sure, lots of fan bases can say the same thing. . .but it takes something different and special to be a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. We know that. Sure, some people will tell you otherwise. . .those people wouldn't have the first clue, and can pretty safely be ignored.

Viking fans truly are a different breed. . .in addition to being the best and smartest fans that the National Football League has to offer, we've arguably put up with more adversity than any other fan base in the National Football League. Yet, we remain here. Why? Because the risk is well worth the reward. . .and when we, the best and smartest fans in the National Football League finally get that reward, it will be deserved like none other.

The past year plus has solidified the fans of this team and, more importantly, those that frequent this web site, in a way that few other teams can comprehend. What the Minnesota Vikings and their fans went through last season was, quite simply, unprecedented. But, at least as far as this site is concerned, where most folks would have been running away in droves, we simply got better and stronger.

So who is the "boldest" fan on this site? Quite simply, there isn't one. Simply supporting this team makes every single one of you one of the boldest fans in the National Football League. Thank you for exhibiting that boldness every single Sunday.