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Minnesota Vikings Begin To Fill Practice Squad

With the 53-man roster set in stone. . .or at least in really, really firm Jell-o. . .the Vikings are going about the process of filling out their eight-man practice squad. While they haven't announced the entire thing at this point, we do have the names of a few of the guys that will be on there.

The Vikings have signed WR Emmanuel Arceneaux, FB Matt Asiata, and FB Ryan D'Imperio to the practice squad thus far. You may know them from such pre-season games as Vikings at Titans, Vikings at Seahawks, Cowboys at Vikings, and Texans at Vikings.

Word is that one spot on the practice squad is earmarked for TE Allen Reisner, who was released to make room on the 53-man roster for the newly-acquired Xavier Adibi. That would still leave the Vikings with four open spots if Reisner makes it through the waiver process.

No word yet as to when the Vikings are going to announce the rest of their practice squad, but once the names come down, we will have them for you here.

EDIT: "nmvikesfan" has stated in the comments that CB Cord Parks, LB Ross Homan, WR Stephen Burton, and OT Thomas Welch have been invited to join the practice squad if they make it through the waiver process. Big thanks to him for that!