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Minnesota Vikings Have Nearly Filled Practice Squad

To continue the story that we started last night, the Minnesota Vikings have nearly completely finished filling out their eight-man practice squad. Here are the players that have made it.

WR Emmanuel Arceneaux
FB Matt Asiata
WR Stephen Burton
OL Chris DeGeare
FB Ryan D'Imperio
RB Caleb King
DL Cedric McKinley

I was surprised to see DeGeare's name on the list, but it turns out that he only appeared in eight games in 2010, which is one less than the limit that he would have had to reach to be ineligible for the practice squad.

Despite numerous reports saying that the Vikings have "completed" their practice squad, I've only seen the seven names listed above. As we mentioned yesterday, I believe that the eighth spot is being reserved for tight end Allen Reisner, who was released when the Vikings made their claim on Xavier Adibi yesterday.

This is a very offensive-heavy practice squad to this point, with McKinley being the only defensive player out of the first seven signed. If Reisner is, indeed, brought back, then seven of the eight players on the Vikings' practice squad will reside on the offensive side of the football.