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Vikings Get Their Own Brand Of Liquor

Few teams in the National Football League have the ability to drive their fans to drink like the Minnesota Vikings do. Now, if Viking fans want to drown their sorrows, they can dive into a bottle with their favorite team's logo on it.

The Vikings have reached an agreement with the folks at E&J Brandy for the 2011 NFL season. The Vikings are one of 16 teams that Gallo Spirits, the company that distributes E&J, has deals locked in with. The partnership means that the brandy will be showcased at Vikings' home games via signature cocktails and through advertisements.

"E&J Brandy and the Minnesota Vikings are committed to our consumer and fans," Gerard Thoukis, director of marketing for E&J Brandy, said in a statement. "These shared values make for an ideal partnership."

Up until 2008, the NFL had a rule that prohibited its franchises from partnering with liquor companies, but the Vikings are now taking advantage of this rule change.