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2012 Stock Market Report

Your season in review Stock Market Report

Don't hang your head. This team went on a great run, made the playoffs, and has a very bright future.

Stock Market Report: Texans

The Vikings turn in a dominating defensive performance against the AFC's best team

Stock Market Report: Rams

A rookie kicker and the best running back of this generation power the Vikings to a big road win in St. Louis

Stock Market report: Packers

Hey, did you know Tarvaris Jackson is back?

Stock Market Report: Bears

Vikings come out flat and uninspired in their biggest game of the year.

Vikings Stock Market Report, Week 10: Ponder THIS

Breaking down the Vikings win over the Lions, Stock Market Style

Vikings Stock market Report: Sigh...

That loss was as ugly as Seattle's uniforms

And Now, A Very Special Stock Market Report

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's your Stock Market Report for this week's game.

The Stock Market Report Has Questions

And we use a Fleetwood Mac classic to ask them

Stock Market Report, Week 4: Lions

Which Vikings are rising and falling after the Lions game?

Stock Market Report, Week 2: Well, That Was A Kick In The Junk

Ted is here with your Stock Market Report for the game between the Colts and the Vikings.

Stock Market Report, Week 1...I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW

Stock Market Report, Pre-Season Week 1