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Donovan McNabb Doubles Minnesota Victory Total

For those of you. . .er, both of you. . .that have been wondering what Donovan McNabb has been up to since getting cut by the Vikings, it appears that he's finding things to do.

In his rec hoops league debut in St. Louis Park last night, McNabb tore it up with 30 points and 10 rebounds as his team, "Most Dominant Ever," defeat the Something Something Something Rockets by a score of 89-87.

(By the way, if anyone that's a member of "Pippen Ain't Easy" happens to be reading this. . .GREAT team name.)

He also added three assists, which kind of shows that he has issues completing passes on the basketball court, too. On the bright side, bounce passes on a basketball court aren't a bad thing, so that's something McNabb should be able to improve on.

Seriously, McNabb was a pretty good basketball player while he was at Syracuse, so I guess it's not terribly surprising to see him excelling in that situation.

And this story is a reminder to everyone that, yes, as far as we're concerned. . .it's the off-season.