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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Arden Hills Goes All In With $75 Million Increase In Contribution

Chris just mentioned a few minutes ago that it looks like the city of Minneapolis will probably prevail in getting the Golden Wonka Stadium Ticket, but Arden Hills will not go quietly into the sweet night.

They have reportedly increased their contribution from $300 million to $375 million, and they lay out their case as to why the stadium should be there as opposed to a shoe horned location like any of the Minneapolis sites.

I think most everyone here wants Arden Hills to win, but like Fearless Leader mentioned, if the Minneapolis Mafia sets their site on something, they usually prevail. It doesn't seem like any plan has the required votes to get passed right now, but I think that will start to change once a plan is submitted.

The one thing they do have is unwavering support from the Vikings, and the most workable plan of any right now.

Oh, and it also has 21,000 parking spots, and just the stadium would generate over $9 million a year in local and state property taxes that would go towards stadium funding. To my knowledge, none of the other sites have tax revenue estimates at this time.

And as the clock ticks towards 5 PM, we'll be here to outline all the proposals that are turned in.