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Vikings Officially Remove Fred Pagac From Defensive Coordinator Position

We have no idea who the next defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings is going to be. But, after a few weeks of speculation, we now officially know who it isn't going to be.

Yes, after leaving him dangling for a while, the team has officially removed Fred Pagac from the position of defensive coordinator.

Pagac served as the Vikings' linebackers coach from 2006 to 2010, and was promoted to the DC job late in 2010 when Leslie Frazier became the interim head coach following Brad Childress' firing.

According to the report linked above, the team has offered to allow Pagac to go back to coaching the linebackers if he wants to. The job of linebackers coach is currently held by Mike Singletary. Now, I'm not a personnel guru or anything like that, but that seems to spell out to me that the team might be moving towards simply flipping Singletary and Pagac, with Singletary. . .who is Frazier's Close, Personal Friend (™ Sid Hartman). . .moving into the defensive coordinator's chair.

I won't make any comments on that possibilty at the moment. . .I'll simply leave it to you all. Have at it.