Vikings interested in Miami's Todd Bowles?

NOTE: Credit goes to nmvikesfan for finding this story. He sent me a text message earlier today with the news.

According to this article on, NFL insider Jason LaConfora is reporting that the Vikings are interested in Miami interim Head Coach Todd Bowles.

Apparently the Vikings are not the only team intersted in his services. Miami is currently attempting to keep him on at least as their DC, if not their permanent head coach. The Oakland Raiders are also interested in Bowles as their head coach. Whether this is an interview to fulfill their Rooney Rule obligation or not is yet to be seen. According to the report, several Miami dolphin's players are advocating for Bowles to be hired as their head coach.

There's been plenty of speculation regarding who the Vikings will hire to replace current former defensive coordinator Fred Pagac, so I'm sure we're all ready for the Vikings to make a hire already. But is Bowles the right man for the job? It speaks volumes that teams are considering him as a head coaching candidate, but he has never been a coordinator before. He does have NFL experience as a player (defensive back for the Washington Redskins, that's Super Bowl winning Washington Redskins BTW) and a coach. Before his current stint in Miami, he was the defensive backs coach in Dallas. His coaching experience brings to light another interesting twist: his experience is predominately with teams that run the 3-4 defense. This topic has been beat to death already, so I don't necessarily want to go there in this thread. Rather I would like to hear your opinions of this latest candidate who has been linked to the Minnesota Vikings.

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