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Bears Deny Vikings Permission To Talk To Some Guy You've Never Heard Of

EDIT: From the "What Goes Around Comes Around File," the Raiders have asked for permission to interview former Vikings head coach Mike Tice for their head coach position. Tice was recently promoted to Offensive Coordinator in Chicago and, because it would be a promotion to head coach, the Bears are not allowed to deny him permission, meaning he's free to interview for the position (and accept it) if he wants to. Boy. . .that's terrible, ain't it? - Chris

Well, when the Minnesota Vikings do finally get around to filling their defensive coordinator position, you can be assured that the person that gets the job will not come from Chicago.

The Bears have denied the Vikings' request to interview defensive backs coach John Hoke for the defensive coordinator position. This is the second time in two years that the Bears have denied a request to allow one of their assistants to interview for a job that would be considered a promotion, as they denied former Vikings' head coach Mike Tice the opportunity to interview for the Tennessee Titans' offensive coordinator job last off-season.

I'm not sure how the rules behind coaching interviews work, but it seems strange to me that someone can simply be denied the opportunity for advancement. Throw in the fact that, as ESPN's Kevin Seifert points out, the Vikings gave the Bears permission to interview quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers for their offensive coordinator position a couple of seasons ago, and Chicago's actions seem even stranger.

But, in any case, John Hoke will not be the next defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. Rest assured, we'll give you all some time to get over this heartbreak before we post a new story.