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New SB Nation Mock Draft Plays Out Ideal Scenario For Vikings

The good folks at the SB Nation mothership have put out their latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft, and it details what I personally feel would be one of the ideal scenarios for our Minnesota Vikings.

One of the two best possible scenarios would be for USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil to land in Minnesota's lap at #3. However, since the mock is written by Ryan van Bibber, who happens to run our St. Louis Rams blog Turf Show Times (and is, therefore, incredibly and unbelievably biased), he has Kalil going to the Rams at #2.

I'm just kidding. . .RVB isn't biased. Even if he was, Kalil would be a great pick for the Rams, too, so I can't get too bent out of shape over that whole scenario.

So that leaves the other ideal scenario. . .the one where the Vikings hold an auction for whoever wants to move up and draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III with the third overall selection. As of now, RGIII falls all the way to the Washington Redskins at #6. . .but with the way things stand now, that's not happening. If the Redskins want Griffin, they're going to have to move up for him and/or outbid some other teams (the Miami Dolphins come to mind).

Now, if the team to move up did turn out to be Washington, it isn't inconceivable that the Vikings could get a pretty decent haul for the third overall pick. According to the good old Value Chart, the third overall pick is worth 2,200 "points," while the sixth pick is worth 1600. (If you go by this particular scale.) In order to make up that difference, the Redskins would have to give up their second round pick (the 39th overall selection). . .or, in a scenario the Vikings might like more, their first round choice in 2013, as a current second round choice is generally given the same value as a future first rounder.

Of course, if the Vikings can manage to start a bidding war, the Value Chart would likely go out the window. . .and the Vikings would get a whole lot more for their pick. Of course, the Rams could end up being the team that holds the auction for the rights to RGIII, in which case we're back to the Vikings taking Kalil third overall.

It's a little more than three months before the 2012 NFL Draft. . .we're going to have a lot of time to mull over these sorts of things, ladies and gentlemen.