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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Will Wednesday Give Us Some Progress?

Hooray, it sounds like we're in for another day of stadium drama. . .only this one sounds like it might actually yield some progress.

With Gov. Mark Dayton perhaps ready to comment on where he wants the new stadium built, legislators have scheduled a six-hour meeting late Wednesday to try to resolve the stadium issue. "Maybe longer," than six hours, joked Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, the lead Senate stadium legislation author.

"I’m not sure a final decision will be made [Wednesday], but we are definitely going to make progress," she added. The long-debated project still lacks a site and a public funding proposal, but supporters are pushing to have a plan in place for the Legislature, which convenes Jan. 24.

The Legislative session starts in six days. Boy, it sure would be pretty swell of everyone to stop twiddling their thumbs and get something figured out on this whole thing.

We know that there are certainly enough proposals to choose from, even though we have some prominent business leaders saying that the Linden Avenue site (aka the Basilica) would potentially do more harm than good as far as jobs are concerned. The Vikings remain fairly committed to the Arden Hills site, and when the proposals came in, the Arden Hills proposal clocked in at a whopping 184 pages, while the proposal from Minneapolis came in at. . .four.

Man, it's like the Minneapolis people are under the impression that they don't even have to try. Sadly, that's sort of the impression that I'm under at this point, too. If we do get anything breaking on this story, we'll have it up here as soon as possible.