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Governor Dayton To Hold 2 PM News Conference; Possibly Endorsing Vikings Stadium Site

Sorry for the quick flurry of stuff this morning/afternoon, folks. Usually we like to let some of our stories "breathe" for a little bit before we push them out of the top spot on the page, but we've actually got a few things going on today.

Based on this tweet from Fox 9 in Minneapolis, we might find out where, exactly, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton will be endorsing as the site for the new Vikings' stadium.

Governor Dayton to discuss #Vikings Stadium options this afternoon 2:00pm in St. Paul-- Insiders saying he will name his stadium site
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If we get a link to some sort of a press conference or something like that, we will have it up here prior to the 2 PM Central start time.

Stay tuned, folks. . .there's a good chance that, as the kids today might put it, shtuff is about to get real.