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REPORT: Governor Dayton To Endorse Linden Avenue Site For Vikings Stadium

Proposed Linden Avenue site. Picture via <a href="">YouthLink Minnesota</a>
Proposed Linden Avenue site. Picture via YouthLink Minnesota

Nothing definitive yet, and we have a press conference from the Governor starting in half an hour or so, but stuff is starting to trickle out about the developments on the Minnesota Vikings stadium front.

The Governor is, reportedly, set to endorse the Linden Avenue (aka Basilica) site for a new Vikings' stadium, according to two different reports via the Twitter. Now, keep in mind that this is all just speculation at this point, but these two sources seem to be pretty well connected to the whole process, so I think that we have good reason to believe that this is happening.

Source close to stadium negotiations confirms Governor Dayton will choose Linden Avenue as his preferred site for a new Vikings stadium
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Sounds like an upset brewing on the #Vikings stadium front. Gov. Dayton sent Zygi Wilf a letter today, plans to back Linden Avenue site.
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I thought I remembered hearing that the Basilica site was the Vikings' preferred location if the stadium was going to be built in Minneapolis, but lord knows I've been wrong about these sorts of things before.

Again, press conference is in about half an hour. Still searching feverishly for some sort of a link to it, streaming or otherwise.